What we do​

When trading we add liquidity to the global financial system and we focus on relative price differences between products. By quoting products at the sharpest prices possible, better market prices, and therefore efficient and transparant financial markets are being established. 

Taking into account the significant scale at which UTR8 operates, we take relatively limited risks. Trading in financial products requires an excellent knowledge of the factors affecting equities, derivatives and other prizes. The knowledge and experience that exists within UTR8 makes that we can respond optimally to these factors.


UTR8 Europe is looking for new graduates! We are looking for motivated candidates throughout the year, so if you feel you fit the profile, don’t hesitate to enter into our recruitment procedure for graduates.



199 Des Voeux Road Central

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

+852 3897 9900


Schochenmühlestrasse 6

6340 Baar (ZG) – Switzerland

+41 41 5200 540



Groenmarktstraat 58

3521 AV  Utrecht – The Netherlands

+31 85 2731860

UTR8 - Hong Kong

Many proprietary trading firms in Asia are either located in Singapore or Hong Kong. Our main office is located in Hong Kong due to the quality of life in this amazing city. Our office is located in Hong Kong in the middle of the city and with a fantastic harbour view.

In our company you will find a team that loves working together to find the smartest ideas and solutions. Because in today’s fast-moving, technology-driven world, being smart separates us from the rest.


UTR8 - Switzerland

Our European headquarters are located in Switzerland, where we have some of our most experienced staff working.

To strengthen the ability of the group to anticipate the possible consequences of the Brexit in Europe, we opened our Swiss office. Obviously the beautiful nature surrounding the office doesn’t hurt!

UTR8 - The Netherlands

Typically, proprietary trading firms based in The Netherlands are located in Amsterdam. Since UTR8 is not a typical firm, our Dutch office is located in Utrecht. We decided that a location which is central for everybody, easily accessible, and surrounded by relaxed bars and restaurants, would suit our needs as a company much better. Over the years, this has turned out to be a perfect decision.